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Amy says
Sonic, you are one I can’t refuse
If you love me, I can’t conclude
But Sonic, please, I love you and want so many things to happen
Sonic, I want to be married to you
Sonic, I want to have your children
Sonic, I want to be your lover until I’m ready for your love
Please, Sonic, Tell me why you do not love me because I love you
Sonic says
Amy, you and I are 1 year of age apart but I still do say I don’t love you to protect you
From my enemies
If anyone knew you were my lover, your life would be in danger just to get me mad and
Make me have to choose you or the fate of world
But if I ever had that choice, I would keep trying to do both
I do love you
It is just your life would be in danger too much for us to do what you want
Please, let me know, how will you think of a way to make our love become one
Amy says
If you didn’t love me to protect me, I will just make a way to become into a hyper form
I will give up everything just to get that hyper form and to be with you
Sonic I love you and I say if you want me to be able to protect myself
Then I will get hyper form
Knuckles and Tails walk up after hearing that and say
Amy, no one can get a hyper form without being born with it
Amy got sad but Sonic encourage her to try anyway.  
After she left, Tails say
Sonic, did you just say that just to
Make her stay away for a while
Sonic shook his head and say with Tails trying to interrupt many times
I really think she can have a hyper form
If she does, I can be her lover and she can be mine
I want that because I, to tell the truth, really do love Amy
After he said that, a metal sonic flew over.  They followed it to see it confronting Amy
And it said
Master Eggman order all robots to capture the creature of the pink chaos emerald
You will create the pink chaos emerald
We all know you can make it but it seems you do not
We say you can make it so we will confront you many times
Amy hammered it with her hammer and destroyed it then says
I will get those chaos emeralds but what is this pink chaos emerald
I guess I will find out
After she said that, she ran faster than usual to find the chaos emeralds
Tails wondered why she could run faster than usual but Sonic told them that she can now
Absorb electricity
Sonic asked Tails to make Static Electricity chips for her gloves and plant them in her gloves when she goes to sleep and to make up a story to get her to sleep
Tails did and, at night, asked Amy if she was tired and she said she was.  Tails told her to
Rest.  She told him that he should really tell Cream how he feels and that him and Cream
Would be a cute couple.  Tails told Amy that he was 13 and Cream was 11 and ask her
How Cream could be in love with him at such a young age.  Amy referred to herself
Falling in love with a 16 year old Sonic when she was 12 and told him to at least try.  
He told her
Sonic wanted me to watch over you while you rest
Maybe I ask Cream to come over and maybe tell Cream that I love her
I will try to see if she loves me
Amy thought that was great
She headed over to the bedroom
Tails snuck in and put the static electricity chips on her gloves
He then was surprised by Sonic who said Hi.  Tails says
I have to stay here tonight because I said you told me to watch over her tonight
I also said I would invite over Cream to talk to
We might talk about love I have for her and she might have for me
Sonic says
Gotcha you stay here until morning
Also you and Cream would be cute together
She loves chaos and you love technology
It is technology that created the newest chaos
That could make a spark between you and her
Sonic left and Tails went over to the phone in the kitchen but he froze when he tried to
Pick it up.  He thought
What if Cream’s mother says no?
If she knows that I love Cream, she might think I want to
Do something inappropriate with her
He might have given up if his mind did not argue this
Mrs. Rabbit could want something to spark between you and Cream
So what does it hurt to try?
His mind won over his own thoughts.  He dialed the number not knowing what would happen.  When Vanilla the Rabbit picked up, she said who is it?  He says
It’s Tails
I wondering if Cream could keep me company while I watch over Amy for Sonic
Vanilla, surprisingly, said yes.  Cream was on the way.  At Dr. Eggman’s Base, the robot known as Bokkun just arrived with a non-exploding message for Dr. Eggman from An E100-Beta, a henchmen robot.  The message says
I am sorry Doctor
But Cream is heading over to Amy’s House
She is heading there to keep Tails Company while he watches over Amy
Doctor, your new orders?
Dr. Eggman was not pleased because if he kidnapped Cream b4 Cream got to Amy’s
House, Amy would never make the Pink Chaos Emerald for him.  
He decided to ruin any romantic moment Cream might have with Tails to make Amy
Mad enough to want to use the chaos emeralds to attack him and she would make the
Pink Chaos Emerald.  
Dr. Eggman ordered Bokkun to deliver the new orders.  The new orders say
I want you to Follow Cream
Make sure she does not have any romantic moment with Tails
If anything romantic comes up, attack them
Just to make Amy mad
Eggman laughed as Bokkun delivered the message.  
E100 Beta speaks out, when He got the message,
New objectives to complete
They are follow cream, make sure no romantic moments, and attack them if 1 arises
Recruiting Shadow Android to help
Shadow Android was recruited and they headed to Cream.  
Tails was nervous about what to say when Cream gets there.  He was arguing in his mind
The whole time she was coming to talk to him.  
He decided to just start with common talking.  It will lead up to him admitting it.  Cream
Arrived and says
Hi Tails
I am here
My mother only said yes because she wants some alone time with Vector the Croc
Tails then says
I think I know what she wants to do
Hey can we get off the topic of love,
How about talking about anything else
Cream was surprised he didn’t want to talk about love.  She said
I need to talk about love
My mother always said to admit the true feeling that you have toward someone
I’m going to do that with you
Tails’ eyes were wide open because she took off her shirt.  
E100 Beta and Shadow Android knew something romantic was coming up.  
Cream then says
Tails, to tell the truth, I love you
I loved you since we first met
I just could not admit it
Could you be my boyfriend?
Tails couldn’t believe what he just hears.  He looked around for a video camera but didn’t
Find one.  
Cream said that she loved him and he felt the same way, not being able to admit it either.  
Tails did what he wanted to do after he talked normal conversation with her.  Tails says
Cream, I also love you
I couldn’t believe you admitted that
But now that I have admitted it too, I can
Yes I will be your boyfriend.  
Tails started to walk his hands up her arm, teasing her.  He was going in for the kiss when
E100 beta and Shadow Android attacked.  Tails says
What do you want?  
E100 Beta says
Objective 1 complete
Objective 2 complete
Objective 3 in progress:  Attack Tails and Cream to stop the Romantic moment that is
Going on
Tails and Cream say
Why you?  
You will die for interrupting
That Doctor Eggman does not like anything romantic to happen
Shadow Android says
Objective 3 must be completed to get Amy mad enough to attack Doctor Eggman with
The Chaos Emeralds
So that she will make the Pink Chaos Emerald for the Doctor
Shadow Android Laughs.  Tails uses his spring launcher to attack E100 Beta and then he realizes something.  He says
Cream, we must complete the Kiss to make them fail Objective 3
They battle up to the other with Cream using the Chao Portal to distract Shadow
When they are up close, they kiss.
E100 Beta and Shadow Android says
Objective 3 has been failed
Self-Destruction has been activated
The Self-Destruction Did not hurt Tails and Cream.  Cream dipped her head back and
Tails came up and deepen the Kiss.  The robots exploded and they continued kissing.  
It is morning.  Amy appears out of her room and sees Tails and Cream in a deep kiss.  Amy says
Tails?  Cream?  
Amy was so jealous of Cream, right now.  Amy was watching Cream, being madly in
Love with Tails, kissing her love.  
Cream says, after seeing Amy,
Oh you awake, Amy?
Did you see the deep kiss?  
Tails and I have admitted our feeling 4 each other
E100 Beta and Shadow Android came and we had to kiss to get rid of them
Tails then says
Amy, you look pale
Are you alright?
Amy says
It was just the deep kiss
You guys are only 11, Cream, and 13, Tails
So young to share such a deep kiss
Tails says
You wanted to do something with Sonic at 12
Sonic couldn’t do to protect you
Amy heard that and then she saw Sonic and says
Sonic, why are you here?  
Sonic says
Amy, why are you still here?  
I thought you would be going after Those Chaos Emeralds by now
Why have you not left yet?  
Amy explained about Tails and Cream being attacked by E100 Beta and Shadow
Android, just because they were ordered to if they tried to do something romantic.  
Amy says
Eggman, you are so mean.  
Metal Sonic, the one who thinks he is the real Sonic, comes and says
He just really wants the pink chaos emerald
You can make that emerald
You will make it for my group and I
You will do that because we have 2 chaos Emeralds
We will kill your friends if you don’t
Then Metallix and Tails Doll appeared.  It appeared Metal Sonic was working with them.  Metal
You have 3 emeralds and Eggman, at his lava base, has 2 chaos emeralds
You have 2 choices
Metallix says
Work for us until you make the Pink Chaos Emerald
Tails Doll says
Or two
Have your friends be destroyed by us
We will accept either answer
Knuckles came.  Amy says
I won’t work for you and you won’t destroy my friends
Metal Sonic says
Yes, Our Current Forms can not beat Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles
So Transport Turbo Mecha Armor on Team Metal Sonic
That way we transform into Team Turbo Mecha Sonic
Once transformed, they attacked Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic.  Amy gets way mad, for
The transformation was making them able to win.  So Amy attacked the Mechas.  The Turbo Mechas are destroyed and, at the moment, said
(The Name of the Mecha)  Failed
Sonic was amazed by the way she handed them.  Sonic started getting closer and closer
And was flirting with her.  Amy says
Sonic, wait until I get that new hyper form
She then runs away.  Sonic says, Love struck,
Tails says, worried,
Sonic, you alright?
Sonic then shakes his head and says
I’m going to the Dr. Eggman’s Lava Base
Tails says
I think Sonic has fallen in love with Amy
Amy and Sonic were both heading for Eggman’s Lava Base.  Sonic, staying behind Amy,
Was happy to see her heading there.  Amy made it inside the Base.  Sonic decide to Watch over Her, until that Hyper Form She is getting.  Now Amy has made it to the
Center of the Base.  Amy got the sixth Chaos Emerald. Now Dr. Eggman has challenged
Her to a fight For the last one.  Amy and the Doctor Battled with her getting the Last
Chaos emerald From Him and her then using the chaos emeralds to try to go hyper.  Sonic watched as the Energy of the Chaos Emeralds became an eighth chaos emerald.
Eggman says
So the Pink Chaos Emerald is now in existent
Now come to me and give me it and I’ll leave you alone
Amy says
No, it belongs to me
I will become into Super Amy
Eggman says
You do not have a true super form
I will win that Pink Chaos Emerald from you
Amy says, glowing yellow,
Think again
Sonic was amazed by Amy transforming into Super Amy.  He did not know how her
Super form could be a True Super form.  Then Amy said
The reason why I have a True Super form is because I am Princess Emily
The Princess of the Dual-formers and was betrothed to Prince Sonic of the Tri-formers
I can only wish to find him but it is a lost hope
Sonic couldn’t believe it.  He thought
Amy is Princess Emily
My betrothed is the Girl I been running from all this time
I am Prince Sonic of the Tri-formers
Amy and Doctor Eggman battled.  Amy did a chaos blast.  Then Team Super Turbo
Mecha Sonic appeared and prepared a chaos blast and so did the Egg-Overlord.  Amy
Prepared one, too.  Super Turbo Mecha Sonic says
So she is Princess Emily of the Dual-formers
The One to make the pink chaos emerald, it is said, is also the one female to have a true
Super Form
Sonic was amazed because her chaos blast was more powerful then both of the Villains.  
Amy started to leave b4 saying
I do not belong with Sonic the Hedgehog
I shall find my Prince Sonic and marry him
Sonic caught the Chaos Emeralds and became Super Sonic.  He said
Amy turned around to the familiar voice and said
What do you want, Sonic?
Super Sonic says
You don’t have to leave to find your prince
I am Prince Sonic of the Tri-Formers
Please, Come and Kiss me
Amy’s eyes were filled with tears.  She ran up in her super form and kissed him.  They
Then became known as The Super Lovers, Prince Sonic and Princess Emily
Sonic and Emily flew off to Tails, Cream, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, and E123 Omega.
They say
We are Prince Sonic and Princess Emily
We are the Betrothed Prince and Princess of the Tri-/Dual-Formers
We will like to be known as Sonic and Amy still and as The Super Lovers
Tails and Cream Kissed and So did Sonic and Amy.  Knuckles was Excited to see Sonic
And Amy together.  Shadow, Rouge, and E123 Omega were glad that Love had worked
out (so far for Shadow and E123 Omega still thought Knuckles and Rouge are still
needing to get together).
Note: Not my picture.  it belongs to :iconvasqueza93:

Comment: This is when everyone is 5 years older than the last game. This is for everyone except Sonic. Sonic is only 2 years older. This is the first Chapter for Sonic Couples Series. The Next Chapter is Knuckles and Rouge together.

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