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David the Writer:  Welcome to the Third And Final Background Story for Writer's Earth Called "Fall Of The Gods Except Viridi".  In it, Medusa goes god hunting to kill all the other gods besides herself.  With Hades already dead, she assumes the job will be easier.  This chapter is called "Failing To Save Lord Dyntos".  

Viridi:  It's a real shame that Lord Dyntos had to fall.  

Arlon:  All the dieties in the Forces of Nature Don't fall through.  

Thanatos:  Pandora and I are also resurrected through the Rewind Spring.  

Pandora:  Yeah thankfully.  

Pit:  You still didn't survive Death By Medusa.

Viridi:  What, Pit?!

Pit Of Light:  Brother, you're alive?  

Endless Pit:  *Sarcastically* If so, that's just great.  

Pit:  I am hearing only your words and not your tone, little fallen angel.  

Endless Pit:  You're an angel too.  

Pit:  Oh you and Pit Of Light are from before "Wrath Of Colress".  I am from after "Branders VS Rebel Angel Council".  

Endless Pit&Pit of Light:  What?!

Viridi:  I am from the same point as those two.  

Arlon:  Thanatos and Pandora are from the same point as Pit.  

Viridi:  What about you, Arlon?  

Arlon:  I am from before "Wrath Of Colress".  

Thanatos:  My so you 4 don't know that we are *Spoilers*.  


Pandora:  *Chuckles* Serves You right.  

David The Writer:  Also I decided that I pair Thanatos with Pandora.  

Pandora:  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

David The Writer:  Kidding.

Pandora:  Not Funny.  All Kid Icarus Characters © Nintendo.  Lincoln © tAll3Shyguy On DA or tAll3Shyguy Skull Land On Fan-fiction / YouTube / Tumblr or tAll3Shyguy_Skull_Land On Archive Of Our Own.

David The Writer:  Thanks for the Disclaimer, Pandora.  Background song is "Chapter 24:  The Three Trials" from Kid Icarus:  Uprising.  Now On With the story.  

Fall Of The Gods Except Viridi
Chapter 1:  Failing To Save Lord Dyntos

Pit runs out the door at the start of the level.  

"Palutena, is Medusa up to trouble?" Pit says.  

"Yes, Pit."  Palutena says "She is attacking the Gods.   I am sending you to go protect Lord Dyntos.  So be prepared to face against Underworld Monsters to Protect Lord Dyntos."  

Pit makes it to Lord Dyntos' Domain to find under siege by Underworld Monsters.  All Sorts of them are fighting Dyntos' Clones from Pit's Uprising Memories.  

"You weren't kidding."  Pit says.  

"You're going to have to use the Palutena Bow and Viridi Palm on these underworld monsters.  You got a new power that will only allow you to switch between those two or the Palutena Blade and Viridi Claws."  Palutena says.  

"So either range or melee? I got it.  I use melee next level."  Pit says while destroying Medusa's Underworld Forces with the Ranged set of two weapons.

Suddenly he makes it to the end.  He sees Dark Pit fly in with The Silver Bow towards Lord Dyntos.  

Pit shouts "Pittoo!"  

"Pit stain!  I am your boss here!  One of the gods have betrayed Medusa and attacked her without reason making her un-petirify the other angels!" Dark Pit shouts.  

Pit shouts "You're working for Medusa Now!  Then you're going down, Servant of Darkness!"  He sents a Viridi Palm Heart shot at Dark Pit.  

Dark Pit dodges and sends a silver bow shot at Pit.  Pit gets hit and sends a Palutena Bow Shot at Dark Pit.  Dark Pit gets hit and sends a Silver Bow Shot at Pit.  Pit dodges and sends a Viridi Palm Heart shot and Palutena Bow Shot at Dark Pit at the same time.  Dark Pit gets hit by both attacks and gets defeated.  Then Lincoln appears and sends a Daybreak Cannon Shot at Lord Dyntos, which kills him.  

"NO, LORD DYNTOS!"  Pit shouts.  

Dark Pit flies out of there and Pit runs over to Lord Dyntos.  

Lord Dyntos says "Pit, don't worry.  I don't care if I die here.  It is my time to die.  Just be warned that something is confusing with Palutena as well as Medusa."  

Pit says "I remember that, Lord Dyntos."  Lord Dyntos then fades away.  


Next Chapter in Fall of The Gods Except Viridi:  Pit rushes to go save Thanatos at The Reaper Fortress.  The Boss is Twinbellows.  Find out what happens next time.
Fall Of The Gods Except Viridi Chapter 1
Here is the First chapter of The Third and Final Background Story Of Writer's Earth called "Fall Of The Gods Except Viridi".  Phosphora and Arlon also don't die in this BG Story. 
Blust MLSS Style Sprite Sheet by tAll3Shyguy
Blust MLSS Style Sprite Sheet
This is my Mario Character named Blust in MLSS Style. He is a blue fire toad with a green visor. His kingdom in the first blust series is looking for a princess. You will find out who it will be in the end of that series. In the Second Blust Series, the LOZ Twilight Princess Dimension crosses with the Mario Dimension and Ganondorf teams with Seroopa to take over hyrule and al the kingdoms.

All Nintendo Series Characters © Nintendo
Blust © :icontall3shyguy: or me
The Original Blue Fire Toad sprite MLSS Style © :iconpxlcobit:

Update 01: Added Raccoon Blust Sprite to the sheet. I will make more of the Raccoon Blust but later.
Update 02: Added Cape Blust Sprite To the sheet. I will make more of Cape Blust but Later.
Update 03: Added Spear Blust Sprite and weapon to the sheet. I will make more of Spear Blust and the Spear power-up item.
Update 04: Editted the colors of Spear Blust Sprite to match Spear Mario Sprite made by :icontfpivman: for my birthday.
Update 05:  Added Blust pulling out his Chosen Orb Tracker DSi. 
Update 06:  Adding Blust SSB Color Palettes.
Update 07:  ??.
Update 08:  ??.
Update 09:  ??.
Update 10:  ??.
Grey Firion Soldier Of Grey Forces by tAll3Shyguy
Grey Firion Soldier Of Grey Forces
Here is Grey Firion Soldier Of The Grey Army sprite sheet.  He has all of Firion's Powers. 

Firion © :iconbelmondo4447:
Grey Firion Soldier and Light & Shadow Army © :iconbanger-universe-devs:
1. You can do up 5 of your own Oc's themes
2. You can tag 3 peeps only
3. Your MAIN Oc's must be done at the end or beginning
4. If your Oc has more than one form you can only do 2 themes to it and it must be labeled 

BU Themes

Lindsey's theme:

Harpuia's Theme:

Meddy's theme theme:

Marvin's theme:

Dark X (V2)'s theme:

I shall tag:


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I am a Sonic, Tales, Mario, SSB, Pokemon, BehindtG, Starcraft, Star-Fox, FMA, and Inuyasha Fan. I like creating stories with my intrests and I also like imagining games for my intrests. I am right now currently making a Sonic Fantasy OC list character look at.

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